Setting up a concrete construction project and cleaning the jobsite really well when it’s done takes time. With that in mind, we have a minimum charge of $3,500 on all installation jobs.


Base price includes:

  • Labor (form/place/finish/clean-up)
  • Form materials and accessories
  • 5 sack Ready Mix (2500 psi)
  • Concrete depth: 4 inches


  • $4.50/Sqft (hard trowel finish)
  • $5.00/Sqft (broom finish)
  • $6.75/Sqft (exposed aggregate)
  • $8.00/Sqft (texture stamp)
  • $10.00/Sqft (patterned stamp)

*Prices affected by available access.

Additional charges applicable:

  • $0.10/Sqft (extra 1/2sk cement for stronger more durable concrete)
  • $0.25/Sqft (micro-fiber for controlling hairline cracking)
  • $0.35/Sqft (wire mesh installed)
  • $0.60/Sqft (#4 rebar at installed 2′ O.C.)
  • $0.50-$2.00/Sqft (colored concrete)

Other job specific charges, not included in above rates: Pump trucks, jackhammers, excavators, permits, surveying, engineering, etc.

5 Questions you should ask your concrete contractor

  1. Are you licensed with the Dept. of Labor & Industries?
  2. Do you have general liability insurance?
  3. Are you bonded?
  4. Do you have 3 references from past projects?
  5. How long have you been in the business of finishing concrete?