Bellingham is renowned for its vibrant biking culture and extensive network of bike-friendly infrastructure. Situated between the stunning Cascade Mountains and the picturesque Puget Sound, Bellingham is constantly working on improving non-motorized infrastructures.

Custom Concrete Contracting had an important role to play in some of that work. Officially known as the “Westside Non-Motorized Improvement” project, this city-led project adds and improves bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in 15 locations throughout Bellingham, primarily on the west side of town.

Most of Custom Concrete’s work as a subcontractor was on the Eldridge Corridor, involving improvements to curbs, gutters, catch basin inserts, sidewalks and ADA ramps, as shown in the photo below:

Construction began in late 2023 with restriping bike lanes on Cornwall and Eldridge streets. As of today, most of the concrete work for new pedestrian crossings has been completed.

Concrete work along West Holly & Champion

By implementing a combination of these strategies and fostering a culture that prioritizes pedestrian safety, communities like Bellingham can create environments where walking is not only convenient but also safe for everyone. CCC is proud to be a part of these improvements.