Entering the field of concrete construction can be a rewarding career choice, as it involves working on a variety of construction projects, from residential to commercial. Here are some steps you can take to enter the field of concrete construction and advance in your career:

Education and training. Begin by obtaining a high school diploma or equivalent. A strong foundation in math, physics and technical skills can be beneficial.

Apprenticeship program. Some concrete construction companies offer apprenticeship programs. These programs provide hands-on training that allows you to learn the practical aspects of concrete work under the guidance of experienced professionals. Our Bellingham-based concrete contracting company offers a hands-on training program that helps people learn new skills and earn more money in the industry.

Vocational or technical school. Consider enrolling in a vocational or technical school that offers programs in construction trades. Look for programs that specifically focus on concrete technology, construction management or related fields.

Check out CCC’s crew showing students how to install concrete at the Northwest Washington Construction Career Day: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Csjrar8JoZm/

Job boards. Look for job opportunities on construction industry job boards, company websites and local classifieds. Positions to consider include concrete laborer, concrete finisher and form setter.

Gain hands-on experience. Start by working in entry-level positions in the construction industry. These could include general laborer, construction assistant or concrete laborer roles. This experience will help you become familiar with construction sites, tools and safety procedures.

Develop skills. Learn various concrete techniques, including pouring, finishing and curing. Understanding the properties of concrete and how to work with it effectively is crucial.

Obtain certifications. Consider obtaining certification from the American Concrete Institute. ACI offers various certification programs related to concrete technology, such as concrete flatwork finishing and concrete field testing technician. Custom Concrete Contracting helps its team members earn ACI certification!

Career advancement. As you gain experience, consider specializing in a particular aspect of concrete construction, such as decorative concrete, concrete repair or concrete testing.

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