A new concrete driveway can provide years — decades, even — of trouble-free use. An eminently useful and practical addition to a home, a new concrete driveway can provide additional benefits as well. Let’s look at three of them: curb appeal, property value and safety.

Long, broom-finished concrete driveway surrounded by beautiful landscaping.

Curb appeal. A concrete driveway can transform your front yard from a muddy mess to a clean and functional space that is a joy to look at (and use). Consider the transformation at this Bellingham home, which received a broom-finished driveway with aggregate accent strips that help guide the eye toward the home’s lovely lakeside setting.

Tip: In addition to the broad array of styles available, concrete also is an economical and wise choice for driveways. Consider that concrete requires less maintenance than asphalt while also being more durable and energy efficient.

Property value. According to research, a nicely paved driveway is worth as much as four times the cost of installation when it comes to adding value to your home. Plus, if you ever decide to sell, a driveway can help your home sell much more quickly. “Unpaved driveways in urban or suburban areas,” states Homelight.com, “will draw negative attention for being out of place, hard to maintain, and hazardous.”

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Safety. Potholes, puddles, cracks and loose concrete can be a major safety hazard. If your current concrete driveway is heaving or has uneven areas, it’s only a matter of time before someone trips and falls on that surface. And since a driveway with a compromised surface will deteriorate increasingly rapidly, it makes no sense to wait to have a new concrete driveway installed.

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If you’re in the market for a new driveway, contact the professionals at Custom Concrete Contracting. Our concrete flatwork crews have experience installing all types of driveways, including broom-finished concrete, parking slabs cut into the hillside, pervious concrete with decorative stamped concrete strips, and decorative driveways that mix several concrete materials.

Tip: Because Custom Concrete Contracting is an experienced pervious concrete installer, we can install an environmentally friendly pervious concrete driveway that helps limit runoff, boost groundwater recharging and meet city requirements for pervious surfaces on your property.

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