Concrete is strong and durable, and it can be shaped into just about any form you want. 

Not only is concrete an excellent material for retaining walls, steps, foundations, driveways and much more, it comes in a variety of styles to match every homeowner’s preferences. The curb appeal of concrete can be increased in many ways, including by using aggregate, stamping, coloring and more. 

Here’s how to improve the look of your property via various forms and styles of concrete. 

First things first: Fix any damage. Concrete that is buckled or cracked due to tree roots, erosion or some other environmental hazard is not only unsightly, it also can be dangerous. When improving the look of your concrete, start by making sure it’s all in good repair. On occasion, it’s important to remove the existing concrete and start over, ensuring it’s properly laid down to last a lifetime. 

Consider a concrete curb for edging flowerbeds. You know those concrete curbs you see in parking lots or along sidewalks to surround the planting areas? (For example, Custom Concrete recently installed planter curbing up in Birch Bay along the waterfront and at the Marriott SpringHill Suites in Bellingham.) You could have something similar installed along the borders of your flowerbeds, forever removing the need to edge the adjoining grass. These curbs can be stamped and stained to resemble bricks, stones and more. 

Add or update a retaining wall. Concrete retaining walls can be used to dress up a lawn by creating a multilevel planting area on a slope or by abutting the sidewalk, creating a clean edge for your yard and making space for attractive plants near the street. Retaining walls can be made with aggregate concrete or with stamped concrete to emulate the look of natural stone. Retaining walls also can incorporate stairs for extra effect (and usefulness), such as this Custom Concrete project that features an exposed aggregate wall and stairs stamped to resemble granite. 

Use aggregate, stamping, staining or pervious to dress up your driveway. Here at Custom Concrete, we have many ideas for beautifying a driveway project: bands of textured concrete, colored concrete patterns, exposed aggregate borders, stained concrete and more. You might consider a stamped concrete apron at the entrance to your driveway, or textured bands flanking a pervious pad, like this sloped Bellingham driveway. 

To discuss option for using concrete to boost the curb appeal at your home or business, give Custom Concrete Contracting a call. Our Whatcom County concrete installation team can help determine what’s best for your property.