Whatcom County homeowners in the Semiahmoo area reached out to us recently with a desire: Their property has gorgeous views of the water, and they wanted a concrete patio that would expand their outdoor living space and enable them to take advantage of that incredible vista.

They hired Custom Concrete Contracting to build a set of patterned concrete walkways around their house that led to two new octagonal patios overlooking the Strait of Georgia. The patios and walkways would connect to the home’s deck, helping bring the home’s living spaces further out into the yard’s lush landscaping.

The stamp pattern chosen for the walkways and patio was Royal Ashlar Slate. Using concrete stamps like these is a simple way to combine the strength and durability of concrete with the beauty of a natural stone surface. Plus, stamped and textured concrete is easier and more cost effective to install, saving homeowners money.

Among the more important parts of this concrete patio job, with its many intersecting paths and angles, was laying out the concrete forms to ensure the finished product was aligned just how the homeowner wanted it. After laying and compacting the gravel subgrade, our crews used spray paint to map out the locations of the various concrete features. We used surveying equipment to get the locations just right and then strung lines along the exact locations where the concrete forms would be constructed.

Custom Concrete’s crewmembers started placing the concrete in the octagonal patios first, after laying down the necessary rebar for strength and durability. Our crews poured those sections to a depth of 4 inches, with an 8-inch thickened edge to accommodate the slope of the property. Both patios included gas piping — one would have a barbecue and the other a gas fireplace in its center — so our crews were careful work around the pipes.

After smoothing and stamping the main patio sections, the flatwork crew was ready to move on to the walkways.

A grid of rebar was laid down in those areas as well, again helping to strengthen and hold together the concrete. After giving the concrete enough time to set up, we washed the surface with a hose to reveal the true beauty of the job.

With the walkways now encircling the home, what once was a muddy mess is now an attractive feature that gives the homeowner comfortable outdoor access even on the wettest of Pacific Northwest days. For help on your next concrete patio project, whether with stamped concrete, exposed aggregate or broom-finished concrete, please reach out to Custom Concrete.