If you have any familiarity with concrete, the steps might seem pretty simple: dump some concrete mix into a bucket, splash in the right amount of water, stir it up and pour it into the hole or mold.

It might sound simple, but properly laying concrete is much more complicated than that.

And it should be. We expect concrete to be durable, safe, secure — and to look good, too. And for that, concrete needs to be mixed, poured and finished properly.

In this blog post, we’ll look at what role concrete finishers play in concrete projects throughout Whatcom County.

First, here’s what you’re likely to see a concrete finisher do while on the job:

Primarily, concrete finishers are known for their finishing work. Not a big surprise, right? That means they use a hand and power tools to smooth and finish a variety of concrete surfaces, including aggregate, broom-finished and stained concrete.

Concrete finishers also patch any voids in concrete surfaces that might be left after the removal of forms, and they use saws to cut expansion and contraction joints in concrete surfaces to prevent unsightly cracking.

Finishers also are responsible for setting the concrete forms, ensuring the proper alignment, depth and thickness. Forms are a critical part of the concrete process, because how the forms are set determines how the concrete will look and act once its cured.

Of course, concrete work involves a lot of teamwork, and finishers might do any number of other jobs as well, including operating air hammers, tampers, cement mixers and surveying and measuring equipment. They also might help excavate and prepare sites, dig trenches, set forms or braces, clean up rubble and debris and assist concrete laborers in placing concrete. During and after concrete jobs, they might also help clean and maintain tools, trucks and equipment.

Here at Custom Concrete Contracting in Bellingham, concrete finishers don’t need a ton of experience to start, because they will be trained as they go, learning on the job until they possess all of the skills and understanding of a top-quality concrete finisher. CCC also supports finishers in acquiring various concrete finisher certifications, including recognition from the American Concrete Institute. Several members of the CCC team have been certified by the ACI as certified flatwork finishers and certified flatwork technicians.

For more information about concrete flatwork finishers at Custom Concrete, visit https://www.customconcrete.biz/careers/.