Looking for summer work? Custom Concrete has positions open with hands-on training and good pay and that can lead to wonderful careers.

For more information, check out our job listings on the CCC website and on the new YES Whatcom job board, which is working to connect the emergent workforce with local employers.

On to the goods: Below are four great reasons anyone looking for work (and even some who aren’t) might want to consider getting their hands dirty at Custom Concrete Contracting this summer.

It’s a solid foundation for future engineers and architects. Working with concrete at CCC is a good path to money for college students on summer break. Students who are training to become architects, engineers, project managers or construction managers can be more well-rounded construction professionals with the type of hands-on jobsite experience available at Custom Concrete Contracting.

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CCC’s apprenticeship-like environment offers clear steps for advancement. Our training program puts workers on a fast track to a family wage. Consider that in just four years, workers can double their salaries, from $30,000 per year to $60,000. That’s good money. Over the years, we’ve developed work guidelines that we teach to all new recruits. We also introduce new concrete laborers to the technology we’re using, training them to use the tools of the trade. Once they’re up to speed, we go into detail on labor guidelines, certifications and other insider knowledge. The ones who pay attention — the ones who put in the time and effort to learn the trade — move up quickly.


Job security is high for hard workers. You’ve probably heard of a nationwide lack of skilled tradespeople. That lack of workers means that diligent, conscientious team members have all kinds of options open to them for long-term work. Are you a hard worker who enjoys working as part of a team? Check us out; we have a place for you.

We work hard on team culture, from top to bottom. We say that our team is our family, and we mean it. At Custom Concrete Contracting, our main philosophy is person-focused. We aim to support our employees, treating them like family while training them to succeed as individuals and as concrete installers and finishers.

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Custom Concrete has open positions now, but with summer fast approaching, they may not last long. Learn more today about working at CCC on the CCC website or at YES Whatcom website.