Concrete is a labor-based industry. A company’s reputation is as good as the work it does, and the work it does is as good as the employees it hires.

That’s why at Custom Concrete, we’re committed to treating our employees right. We think concrete work makes for a great family-wage career, and we consistently train our employees so that they can acquire new skills and earn more money.

Here are a handful of ways that work in the concrete trade — and specifically at Custom Concrete Contracting — can be a wonderful fit for anyone looking for a career job:

Advance in training and expertise. There’s a lot to learn in concrete. As much as employees want to learn, we provide them the opportunity. We’ve recently begun a career training program that puts our employees into a career pipeline right away. When you start work at Custom Concrete, you can look two, three years into the future and see where your career can take you if you want it to. We’ve always worked hard to ensure our crews have the training and certifications they need to get better at their jobs and advance in their careers.

Earn a family wage. We want you to stay with us and use your talents to create amazing work for our customers. That’s why we pay accordingly. In just four years, concrete workers can go from making $30,000 a year to $60,000. The ones who pay attention, who put in the time and effort to learn the trade, move up quickly.

Do something you love. Concrete work requires a combination of brains and brawn. Every day, we’re using our concrete setting and finishing skills, like fine craftsmen, to get the concrete just so. We’re also using our minds to solve puzzles and find new ways of doing things. Dave Johnson, our founder, likes to say that the best architects and engineers are those with experience in the trades. Only by working with your hands can your brain learn how things are done in the real world and what things are possible.

Build something that lasts. Just ask the Romans: Concrete can last a long, long time. The dome on the Pantheon in Rome is a gorgeous piece of concrete engineering, and it’s stood solid — and beautiful — since the 2nd Century. When you work with concrete, you’re building something that you — and others — can appreciate. You can look back on it months or even years later and say, “I built that. And I’m proud of it.”

Want to learn more about life in the concrete industry in Whatcom and Skagit counties? Just get in touch; we’d be happy to talk.