It may not seem like it now, but spring will be here before you know it.

While you’re planning your spring cleaning projects, why not finally replace that cracked concrete or rutted, muddy path with the new driveway you’ve been dreaming about?

A variety of options are available, including traditional (but always beautiful) aggregate and modern, environmentally friendly pervious styles.

Here are a few much-loved options to consider when planning your new driveway.

Pervious: Pervious is the wave of the future for driveways, because it combines durability with environmental friendliness. Consider the benefits of a solid driveway that acts as a rain sieve! No more sheeting, no more flooding, no more black ice…and you know that PNW rain storms are a matter of when, not if. A pervious driveway, with or without the stamped border, can be a boon both for you and for the environment.

Decorative: Over the years, Custom Concrete has done a number of broom-finished driveways with decorative borders or accents. One job transformed a potholed gravel driveway into a beautiful pad with contrasting gray and black elements. In this case, a charcoal-colored stamped border provided an aesthetically pleasing extension of the main driveway.

Here’s a similar project we did that instead of a stamped border used colored aggregate in a playful design. The broom-finished main section provides a traditional look while the wavy outside section is anything but. Feel free to use your imagination!

Broom-finished: Of course, it can’t be overstated how good a traditional driveway looks, too. Broom-finished concrete is the industry standard for good reason: it’s smooth, clean and attractive. This house went from boring to beautiful with one simple driveway. This broom-finished driveway is much more functional now, too, especially for those needing step-free access.

Whatever your favorite look, whatever your favorite functionality, you’ll find what you need for your new concrete driveway at Custom Concrete Contracting in Bellingham, WA. Contact us today to schedule your spring driveway replacement job. You might be amazed at just what a huge difference it can make.