When you live in the Pacific Northwest, you learn to embrace hillside living. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a little extra space?

If you have a significant elevation change on your property you can reclaim some space by adding a concrete retaining wall.

Here are five great reasons to consider a concrete retaining wall on your property.

Add extra parking spaces: Parking on a grassy hill is not recommended. Those who’ve tried it probably know why. A retaining wall, though, can help flatten out a hill and carve a vehicle-sized space for parking into the property. Use pervious concrete as the new parking surface to minimize environmental disruption.

Improve drainage: Even a grassy hill can present problems during a rainstorm. Water cascades down the hill into the yard or street below and can cause minor flooding problems. Converting that hillside space to a flat surface — especially one that’s landscaped or covered with a penetrable surface such as pervious concrete (see point 1, above) — can greatly reduce drainage issues. Instead of overpowering the stormwater system, rainwater can filter harmlessly back into the ground.

Add visual interest: The pros at Custom Concrete are retaining wall experts and have installed a number of aggregate-concrete walls over the years. CCC’s crews can even install lighting in the wall to add a warm glow to your evening social events. In addition to aggregate, colored concrete is also a popular option for retaining walls.

Make it easier to access portions of your property: Not only can retaining walls help flatten your property, but — especially when cut through with beautiful concrete stairs — they can give access to certain areas of your property and help reclaim its usefulness.

Adds more level spots for landscaping: Terraced retaining walls provide myriad landscaping options. Converting a brush- or grass-covered hillside (which, as you know, is hard to mow) to a multi-level garden filled with native plants can add immense curb appeal to your property. If you’ve always wanted to plant a vegetable garden but have never had the space, consider the benefits of a new retaining wall.

If you’re considering a retaining wall system on your Whatcom or Skagit County property, get in touch with the friendly pros at Custom Concrete Contracting. They’ll walk you through all the options. Oh, and be sure to check the CCC Pinterest page for ideas!