Whatcom County’s recent hotel boom hasn’t exactly been a secret. Hundreds of new hotel rooms have been added to the area in the past few years. More than 800 hotel rooms have been added to the county in the past four years.

Custom Concrete Contracting has been proud to be part of the growth in Bellingham.

Most recently, CCC crews helped with a concrete curbing project at Marriott TownePlace Suites on Northwest Avenue, next to the Marriott SpringHill Suites.

As always, the crewmembers at Custom Concrete were proud to be hired as subcontractors on a job. Remember when that section of Northwest Drive was little more than weedy, overgrown lots? Now it’s full of thriving hotels and small businesses.

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The Marriott TownePlace Suites added 83 units to Whatcom County’s hotel inventory. Together with the neighboring Marriott, the two hotels total 205 units.

For this small job, Custom Concrete installed parking lot curbing ― roughly 64 linear feet in all. The TownePlace Suites first opened in 2015; the work done recently by Custom Concrete helped beautify the hotel’s street appeal by installing curbing along landscaped areas in front of the hotel.

Whether it’s a small job like this one, or a large job like Bellingham’s new Eleanor Apartments senior housing community, for which Custom Concrete installed structural concrete and an underground detention vault, CCC can handle it all. We’re a go-to contractor in Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden and Whatcom County for commercial construction projects.

Other major work we’ve done recently include the Maple Street Apartments in Bellingham, for which we built walls, sidewalks, stairs, curbs and more.

Our Bellingham concrete contracting company is often the subcontractor of choice on local commercial work because our aim is to do the work right, the first time. We train, test and certify our staff through the American Concrete Institute. We currently employ five ACI-certified finishers, four certified pervious concrete installers and one certified technician. Because one of our major goals is to help people make a career of concrete, the level of experience among our crews is consistently high.

Whether we’re working on a small curbing project for a major international hotel chain or completing subcontracting work on a new apartment building in town, our concrete finishing crews use their expertise and experience to complete the jobs on time and on budget.