Another fun, community-building project is in the books! Custom Concrete Contracting recently completed a pervious concrete contracting job for the City of Bellingham’s Public Works Department. Two neighborhoods up on the hill in the Barkley area in Bellingham needed to be connected via sidewalk, and we (of course!) were the right company for the job.

The bulk of the project included installation of 164 feet of pervious concrete trail connecting two neighborhoods. The new trail replaces an old footpath that had been worn through the underbrush.

Because pervious concrete is water-permeable, the project gives pedestrians a clean, mud-free walking path without contributing to stormwater issues.

Did you know the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that Westridge_projectBarkley_area_5.jpgbecause permeable pavements allow rain and snowmelt to seep through the surface and into the ground, permeable pavements can soak in up to 80 to 100 percent of the rain that lands on them and filter out pollutants in runoff that would have otherwise contributed to water pollution.

At the southeast end of the path, Custom Concrete crews installed a concrete staircase and landing, including a hand rail for pedestrians and a sweet little bike ramp for riders.

We love doing projects like this for the City of Bellingham, because they beautify our neighborhoods and make an immediate impact on the quality of life around here. Our concrete flatwork finishing company was chosen by the city for this job from among the public works bids submitted, evidence that Custom Concrete does top-notch work at a competitive price.

If you are project manager for a NW Washington construction team, and you’re looking to subcontract some work to a highly qualified, highly skilled Bellingham concrete subcontractor, please consider contacting a member of our Custom Concrete team. We’re here to help get your next job done right — on time and on budget.