Just like traditional concrete that you sweep or blow clean and pressure wash, pervious concrete needs maintenance too. Proper maintenance will ensure that your pervious cement keeps working as it should for a really long time.

Ongoing maintenance makes sure the small spaces incorporated into the paving product (spaces that help water disburse and pass through) do not get clogged with leaves, dirt and other outside debris.

Maintaining the ability for water to flow freely through pervious concrete requires visual inspections, seasonal sweeping/blowing and deeper cleaning one or two times per year. Here’s what to do:

Maintenance plan for pervious concrete.

  • Frequently inspect for clogging to ensure that rainwater is properly draining.
  • Sweep debris regularly, especially after a windstorm. Clear away fallen leaves, pine needles and mud from wet winters in Northwest Washington.
  • Pressure wash pervious surfaces 1-2 times per year to remove any sediment from the changing seasons. Don’t forget to remove the sediment that is purged as well!
  • Keep piles of yard waste, mulch, sand, dirt, etc. off pervious surface and don’t change your car oil or use other types of chemicals over this surface.

Proper maintenance of porous concrete will help the environment and it will protect your paving investment. Homeowners and property managers can handle pervious concrete maintenance on their own or they can contract with a local concrete maintenance company to do the work.

Custom Concrete Contracting is the go-to source for installing and maintaining pervious concrete in Whatcom County. Our certified flatwork installers and finishers have worked on concrete surfaces in public spaces and private homes around our community. Contact us with any questions you have about pervious concrete.