Pervious concrete can be a perfect solution for cities looking to improve stormwater runoff and overall water quality for their residents—as was the case on this recent public works project in Bellingham, WA.

In late 2015, Custom Concrete Contracting worked with general contractor Oceanside Construction to improve an unpaved section of roadway and ditches along Huntington and Shepardson Streets (located in the Lake Whatcom Watershed).

Finished_project--pervious_concrete_installation_in_Bellingham_WA.jpgThe project was designed to reduce the amount of phosphorus entering Lake Whatcom—a body of water Bellingham residents get their drinking water from.

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As a subcontractor on the job Custom Concrete was responsible for providing the labor, materials and equipment necessary complete the job. Crews set forms, poured pervious concrete and added all the necessary expansion joints.

When all was said and done, Custom Concrete crews installed approximately 4,000 SF of 8” thick pervious concrete–about 200 feet of new roadway replaced an old gravel lane.

Funding for this public works construction job was paid for in part from the Washington State Department of Ecology. The City of Bellingham plans to use this project as a test of phosphorous management—possibly adding more pervious concrete surfaces around Lake Whatcom in the future.  We think that’s a good thing, for the environment and for the health of Bellingham residents.

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