Heated flooring is awesome in Northwest Washington homes! It provides thermal comfort by evenly distributing heat from the ground up—heated/radiant flooring warms floors, room contents and people in an energy efficient way.

Imagine stepping out of bed or the shower in winter months onto temperature controlled flooring—radiant flooring can be an affordable luxury.

Custom Concrete Contracting, Inc. recently completed a project at a home under construction in Bellingham, WA.

Our certified flatwork finishers installed radiant concrete floors throughout the entire house—the floors were designed and finished to look like tile.

On this project, Custom Concrete served as a sub-contractor for a local builder—they called us in to install all interior concrete floors, the garage slab and the exterior concrete patios.

Here’s what the project looked like when our crews arrived on the scene. You’ll note that all the wall framing was complete and a plywood sub-floor is in place.


The general contractor installed the radiant floor/hydro tubing (shown below) before our crews came in to add the decorative layer of colored concrete with a trowel finish.


The next step was to saw cut the concrete slab to make it look like tile, as seen below. We then completed the job by adding grout, cleaning, buffing and waxing the surface for a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

Saw_Cuts.jpg                   Finished--concrete_floor_colored_and_cut_to_look_like_tile.jpg

Installing heated floors works best in new construction where the home has been designed for concrete floors, but in some situations heated floors can be added to existing homes (like in a daylight basement).

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