Bellingham Co-housing is a unique collaborative housing community that works to overcome social challenges of modern subdivision living where homeowners often don’t know their neighbors and a sense of a community is missing.

Co-housing is typically characterized by private dwellings mixed with shared common facilities. Neighbors aim to live with trust, respect and acceptance for each other.  Sounds great, right?

During this construction project, Custom Concrete Contracting owner Dave Johnson collaborated with a diverse array of co-housing neighborhood residents to help design and plan their community improvement project. He worked with the group for nearly two years to help them reach consensus on all the project details.

The scope of work included addressing drainage issues and replacing gravel paths, which were challenging to maintain, with new concrete sidewalks.

CCC_blog_2.jpgCustom Concrete crews installed 1,850 linear square feet of broom finished concrete sidewalks (image below). The project was completed in several phases to ensure access to residences at all times.

In the end, Bellingham Co-housing residents chose Custom Concrete Contracting because they trust Dave and his crews to deliver what was promised. They also appreciate that the concrete contracting company is local (based in Bellingham, WA) and that Dave personally warranties all of their work.

You can see more of this project’s before and after photos on our Facebook page. Contact us today at (360) 676-1665 if your sidewalks could use an update.