With the weather we have had so far this summer, Custom Concrete Contracting crews have been busy! One of our latest projects, a custom patio in Bellingham, WA, greatly improved the outdoor living space for a local homeowner–we took an unusable space (image below) and turned it into a feature of the property.


The project started with an initial design concept provided by the homeowner that included curved planting spaces and recessed patio lights. We then expanded on their ideas to include a few details like decorative concrete bands around the edges (image below). Before pouring concrete, we also covered the newly installed recessed lights with painters tape for protection.

After the pour, William and Willy work their trowels to achieve a smooth surface—note the knee boards (2” foam pads that let CCC flatwork finishers get in the middle of drying concrete without leaving a mark). Using foam kneeling boards let our crew apply more pressure to smooth out the entire surface, resulting in a higher quality concrete finish.

Concrete Pro Tip: We use of ½” rebar, 24 inches on center to help hold concrete in place for years to come.

Next, it was time to spread release agents so we masked up (safety first!), then got busy stamping an Italian slate pattern. Here’s a selfie taken on the jobsite by Custom Concrete Contracting owner Dave Johnson.

Once the color was applied, and the stamping was complete, the project had to sit a few days to cure. Below is a photo of CCC washing the patio just before the curing phase. Note how the new patio surface is well graded and tucks nicely right under the siding of this home – it’s a sign of quality concrete construction!

Our customer loved her new patio so much that she snapped this photo of the crew and sent a thank you note. We have the best customers—they make our job rewarding and fun!


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