Q: What’s green and grey and walked all over?

A: It might be surprising, but the answer is concrete. That’s right, concrete is a timeless “green” (or eco-friendly) building material.
Concrete has long been an environmentally-friendly choice for building material. And with today’s interest in green building practices that have less of an impact on the environment, concrete is making a big comeback.
The good news is with today’s staining and coloring techniques, there’s no need to settle for ho-hum design. You can now get concrete in a variety of rich colors and textures that will make your Whatcom County home beautiful and give it distinction.
light broom finish + exposed aggregate band around the edges
This new patio features a light broom finish with an exposed aggregate band around the edges. 

Above: Custom Concrete took out one section of a Bellingham area sidewalk and created an exposed aggregate pad that beefs-up the curb appeal of this home. While plain gray concrete is still the most often surface installed, as seen on most concrete sidewalks, there are numerous decorative concrete alternatives sure to dress it up, taking your sidewalk from boring to amazing.

Stained and decorative concrete makes trendy and long-lasting indoor flooring but it can also be used to create outdoor living areas that boost curb appeal and enhance day-to-day living.

From stenciled and stamped patterns to colored and stained, to exposed aggregate, pervious and decoratively cut concrete, there are many, many options to choose from – Custom Concrete’s flatwork crews are experienced in all kinds of decorative concrete application.
Expanded sidewalk/entry areas make homes more inviting.

Above: On the new backyard patio, Custom Concrete used a recycled plastic expansion joint made by Oscoda Plastics to separate aggregate bands from the brushed concrete center. The expansion joints are eco-friendly, long-lasting and they look great!

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