Bloedel Donovan Park, located at 2214 Electric Avenue in the Silver Beach Neighborhood, is situated right in the middle of the Lake Whatcom Watershed where stormwater issues are closely monitored.

Rules are in place that encourage governmental agencies and property owners to work together to protect Bellingham’s drinking water source (Lake Whatcom) by managing what materials make their way into the lake.

In 2012 the City amended Bloedel Donovan’s master plan and set aside funds to improve stormwater runoff and address a few shoreline issues. Custom Concrete’s work in the park was a result of that amended master plan.

One designated project was the replacement of traditional concrete sidewalks with new pervious sidewalks – made of a solid but porous concrete material.

Custom Concrete was hired to pour environmentally friendly pervious concrete on top of a gravel base specially designed to safely filter and disburse rainwater.

Here are Custom Concrete crews placing pervious concrete and protecting it during the curing phase. Extra care needs to be taken during the curing process! The plastic sheeting remains in place for several days. When the cover is removed, a fresh, clean pervious concrete sidewalk is revealed.

Looking at the finished project, note the even consistency of the paving material. This is a sign of a high quality, long lasting pervious surface that will be used by park visitors to decades to come.

Custom Concrete Contracting is proud to be the go-to source for pervious concrete in Whatcom County. Our crews take personal pride in installing quality concrete surfaces in many public spaces around our community!


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