Northwest Washington homeowners have long had an appreciation for decorative concrete surfaces around their home. They have naturally been drawn to concrete as a design material for its value, longevity and low maintenance costs.

In recent years aggregate, textured, saw cut and stained patios, driveways and sidewalks have been installed by homeowners. They even topped off those decorative surfaces with glossy sealants that made concrete shine.

The concrete design applications mentioned above are not anticipated to change in 2015, but some trendy, bolder alternatives may come into play.

Acid stained colored concrete


Concrete contractors like Custom Concrete in Bellingham, WA are predicting homeowners will seek out new places to use concrete both inside and outside their home, and they may become a bit bolder when it comes to decorative options.

Pinterest is full of new design ideas for using concrete surfaces inside and outside of a home. Acid stained concrete in swirling shades of brown, for example, is a very popular application for ground-level installations like a basement rec room (shown in the Pinterest sample above).

Interior designers across the nation are also including more modern design elements (like metal) along with shades of cool grey paint. Polished concrete floors fit well in rooms that feature shades of grey and modern design (shown in the Pinterest sample here).

Shades of grey design trends for 2015

Now, NW Washington homeowners may not be ready for ultra-trendy bright blue or red floors yet, but they should know that a wide variety of colors are available – there is a color and finish to match anyone’s personal style.

In the end, stepping away from traditional concrete surface textures, and giving different colors a try can be risky, but when properly done the end result can be worth the risk. A custom and unique design element can become a prominent feature of your home.

To learn more about installing decorative concrete surfaces at your home or place of business, contact Dave Johnson at Custom Concrete Contractors. Their team of certified flatwork finishers will get the job done right…the first time!