Here in Whatcom County, we are no strangers to wet weather. All the water that accumulates during rainy fall and winter days can lead to structural and environmental problems if water is allowed to consistently collect in one area.

Storm water pooling is also is an issue in shoreline areas such as the Lake Whatcom Watershed or Bellingham Bay, where runoff and water quality is an ongoing concern.

Using a construction product like pervious concrete, helps mitigate storm water concerns so water issues on property can be greatly reduced. Because of the porous nature of pervious concrete, the paving surface can be an ideal solution for sidewalks, driveways, and patio surfaces that may be exposed to heavy rainwater collection.

Custom Concrete, Pervious concrete

Pervious concrete is mixed differently than traditional concrete, which is what contributes to its ability to allow water to pass through.  The overall ingredients are the same as traditional concrete, but fine aggregate is typically reduced or eliminated completely to allow for the even disbursement of surface water. The larger the aggregate rock, the more porous the pervious concrete will be. Make sense?

Seeing pervious concrete in action is actually quite amazing. Homeowners are often surprised at the amount of water that can flow through a properly installed pervious concrete surface. As you can see in this video, there are many benefits of this type of concrete, beyond its absorbent nature. There are also environmental advantages for wildlife and financial advantages due to the lower risk of structural damages in the future.

Want to learn more about installing pervious concrete at your home or place of business in NW Washington? Contact Dave Johnson. He can consult with you to decide if this eco-friendly material is the best choice for the needs of you property.