Colder winter months are just around the corner but that doesn’t mean concrete installation projects need to come to a halt.

Winter weather conditions impact concrete differently than warm weather – careful consideration and planning will allow concrete projects to continue throughout the cold season.

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Cold weather can affect all aspects of laying concrete, from pouring to curing. Temperatures below 25 degrees cause concrete can freeze, which can reduce its strength and lessen its durability. Colder temperatures also cause concrete to set slower, sometimes up to double the cure rate.

Professional concrete finishers who work over the winter months will monitor weather conditions carefully because they understand that an unexpected change in weather can damage a concrete installation and produce unfavorable results.

If the forecast on pour day shows temperatures will be fluctuating between freezing and above freezing, they will take into consideration how that will impact the water in the concrete and the set/cure time.

Tarps, plastic sheets and enclosures are used to cover freshly poured concrete to protect it from the elements…and to help control the curing process. Before starting any finishing work, like adding decorative color release agents or scoring saw cut patterns, the concrete has to have set properly – a pro will make sure all is well before proceeding. These techniques ensure the new concrete surfaces will be strong and durable.

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Luckily for us, Northwest Washington winters tend to be less severe than in other parts of the country. Concrete contractors, like Custom Concrete Contracting, are able to work through a variety of weather conditions by responding to climate conditions as they arise. This ensures all of their installations are of the highest standards.

If you have a concrete project like a driveway, sidewalk or retaining wall that you would like to have completed, but are concerned that you missed the window during warmer summer months, contact us. We can discuss options and may be able to complete the project much sooner than anticipated.