Has your concrete driveway seen better days like this sample? Have unsightly cracks developed or are weeds growing through gaps that have caused your home’s curb appeal to diminish? If so, it’s time to consider replacing your driveway with a new one that will last for years to come.

Custom Concrete

It’s a fact. Old driveways that are cracked and crumbled are no longer visually appealing and they can also be dangerous. Uneven surfaces are trip hazards – they should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible to keep your friends and family safe.

Driveway construction has evolved over the years. Today, properly designed and installed concrete surfaces, like driveways and sidewalks can be more durable and longer lasting than ones built years ago.

A little extra care when building a traditional or pervious concrete driveway can ensure that the surface survives seasonal elements and day-to-day use. A professional concrete contractor, like Custom Concrete Contracting, knows how to create a solid base, handle drainage and add expansion joints that will help minimize cracking down the road.

Custom Concrete

At Custom Concrete, we can do broom finished, pervious, textured and colored concrete driveways that add visual appeal. Like the cobblestone walkway pictured below, we can also integrate stamped concrete accents that bring sidewalks and driveways together.

Custom Concrete

Regardless of whether you have a short driveway on a flat surface in Lynden or a long driveway that winds its way up a steep slope in Bellingham, Custom Concrete Contracting can get the job done right…the first time.

Replacing an old driveway with something fresh and new is a great way to improve safety around your home and increase its value and curb appeal – you can have the best looking driveway on the street! Find inspiration for a new driveway on our website.

Not sure how much a new driveway would cost? Check out our Project Price List for sample pricing or contact us for an estimate.