Summertime in Whatcom County means endless daylight, lots of time on the patio, barbecues with friends and family, and it often includes backyard sports like basketball, bocce ball or even pickleball.

Having an outdoor game space is a great way to add beauty to your property and bring people together to enjoy time spent outdoors. Installing a concrete sport court can be done in relatively small spaces, and it can even become a focal point in your property.

Bocce courts have become quite popular in recent years because they don’t require a lot of space – a narrow strip of property is all that is needed to set up the perfect court that will have friends and family of all ages vying for champion of bocce!

Concrete Bocce Court

Photo credit: Randy Thueme Design

Sometimes when people think of home sport courts, they think of simply setting up a hoop in the driveway or playing bocce ball in the grass because they don’t think they have enough room on their property for a permanent sports court .

In reality, concrete-based sports courts can be creatively built in relatively small spaces – they can even be built in spaces that aren’t perfectly square, as seen in the below image.

Concrete Bocce Court

Photo credit: Arterra Landscape Architects

Having a home sports court is a great way to get everyone to step away from their computers and smartphones and reconnect in a fun way. Your home can become the hangout for your children and their friends, where you know they’re safe and having fun. Plus, there are countless health benefits to having a sport court, from being outside and away from the TV to being active and getting much-needed exercise.

Concrete basketball court

Photo credit: Susan Thatcher

If you’d like to learn more about installing a custom sport court on your property, contact Dave Johnson at Custom Concrete today – you can be playing bocce, basketball or pickleball late into the night before you know it!