We love when people come to us with challenging projects – like building a concrete driveway on a very steep piece of property.

If you’ve ever travelled along State Street in Bellingham, WA you have seen many residential properties that have incredible water views and precarious (or creative) driveways. Providing access to hillside homes takes time and focus, but when done properly the results can be an entrance and driveway that is safe for homeowners and guests.

For this particular project, Custom Concrete Contracting had to bring in pumper trucks to get the concrete up the hill from State Street. That alone was difficult due to the heavy traffic on that road and there wasn’t much room to park the trucks. Fortunately, we worked with great crews who made sure everything was done quickly and efficiently so we didn’t interfere with traffic too much.

Custom Concrete in Bellingham

Once the concrete was pumped up the hill, we were able to delve into the project. Our concrete finishers created a space in front of the garage (known as the apron) that is sloped to move water away from the building. We gave the apron and driveway areas a broom finish so the surfaces had a bit of traction.

Custom Concrete

Due to the steep elevation of the driveway itself, we gave it what is called a “rake finish”, which is a rougher texture. It’s very slip resistant! That helps with both foot and tire traction, especially in winter months when the driveway may be icy.

Bellingham Custom Concrete

While all the equipment and supplies were on site, we also built a new staircase that runs between the condo buildings and created entrance landings. When working on projects that demand special considerations, it’s a good idea to have all the work done at one time for efficiency purposes.

Custom Concrete Steep DrivewayCustom Concrete Driveway Project

If you have a concrete project you’ve been putting off because of its level of difficulty, give Dave Johnson at Custom Concrete Contracting a call. He’ll work with you to come up with a plan to tackle the project and get it done right…the first time.