Pervious concrete is being used more and more in public spaces. Its porous quality makes it a great choice of material for sidewalks, roads, and other public areas that can be dangerous if water collects on the surface.

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When a new roundabout at the intersection of Northwest Avenue and McLeod Road in Bellingham was being designed, it was decided that pervious concrete would be the best material to use on many of the surfaces.

In this high traffic area it was important that precautions were taken to ensure safety in all weather conditions, and during busy commuting hours. Pervious was chosen for its low maintenance qualities as well as its ability to reduce storm water runoff on the roadway and sidewalk surfaces.

Custom Concrete Contracting was brought on to install traditional concrete curbing and sidewalks around the traffic circle. To make the project visually appealing, red pervious concrete accents were added throughout.

Because of the surrounding neighborhoods, this public works construction project was designed to be as safe as possible for pedestrians. You’ll note that there is good separation between people and vehicles using the roadway – pedestrian crossings that meet American Disability Association (ADA) regulations are included.

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Bellingham is a strong bike commuting town, so the Northwest/McLeod roundabout includes unique bike ramps that divert cyclists onto crosswalks so they don’t have to travel beside vehicles in the circle. People around here think that’s a pretty cool safety feature.

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This Northwest Road roundabout improves safety in the area and shows how a variety of concrete finishes (including pervious concrete) can be used to add visual interest.  We were pleased to work alongside Strider Construction, who served as general contractor on this public works project. Learn more about their civil construction company by visiting their website (linked above).

If you’d like to learn more about installing pervious concrete at your home or business, give Dave Johnson a call at Custom Concrete Contracting.