Pervious concrete is becoming a hot topic, so in our rainy corner of Northwest Washington it’s no surprise that homeowners are interested in learning more about it.

Using a special concrete that allows water to flow through it, rather than over it, pervious concrete helps reduce runoff and can help the groundwater system function properly.

Pervious concrete for residential uses

As we move toward a more sustainable future, using pervious concrete can be a wise move, as with any new material, customers have a few questions.   We’ve answered a handful of the most commonly asked questions below.

Does pervious concrete come in colors besides grey?

Absolutely! Gone are the days of grey being the only color for concrete. Now you can choose from a large selection of colors that will match whatever your design project is.

Isn’t pervious concrete hard to clean?

Pervious concrete is relatively low maintenance. Like most concrete, sand, dirt or other small debris can settle into the pores. Occasionally using a vacuum sweeper or pressure washer to wash off debris will keep the concrete looking great and functioning properly.

Nobody uses pervious concrete for residential projects, right?

Wrong. Pervious concrete is becoming preferred for residential projects. Water collecting around a home can lead to damage to the foundation, so homeowners are looking at pervious concrete as a way to eliminate the runoff that can lead to large puddles. Check out Custom Concrete’s Photo Gallery to see a residential driveway in Whatcom County that is decorative and functional.

There is not much difference between regular concrete and pervious concrete is there?

Actually, there is. Unlike regular concrete, pervious concrete greatly eliminates runoff and the amount of pollutants being carried to waterways and storm drains is reduced. Also, because less storm water management is needed for pervious concrete, the long-term cost may be cheaper than traditional concrete.

Have more questions about pervious concrete? Don’t hesitate to contact Custom Concrete.