Who says concrete driveways have to be boring? Here at Custom Concrete Contracting we help homeowners in Whatcom County create really cool, unique designs that increase a home’s curb appeal, while also being functional and long lasting.

Custom driveway construction, Whatcom County
Building a feature driveway starts with a great design and professional dirt work to prepare the site. Slope, drainage, lighting and blending the driveway with surrounding walls and surfaces are all important details that need to be considered along the way.

In this example, the homeowners chose a design that featured decorative aggregate bands along the edge of their driveway and a brushed concrete finish in the middle. The aggregate provided visual appeal while the brushed finish coordinated well with an adjacent masonry retailing wall. Brushed finishes can also provide a bit of seasonal traction – a nice feature for NW Washington hillside driveways.

Aggregate bands on decorative concrete driveway
We think this custom driveway design is classic and will impact this home’s curb appeal for years to come – what do you think?

Decorative driveway installation, Whatcom County
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