So, you have a decorative concrete patio, driveway or path and you want it to look beautiful all the time.  Your best bet is going to be regular maintenance that will help those surfaces last longer and look better for years to come.

How to maintain stamped concrete resized 600

Custom Concrete Contracting installs and maintains decorative concrete surfaces, but we also want consumers to know how to handle maintenance on a DIY basis.  Here are our top do-it-yourself maintenance tips for stamped concrete surfaces:

  1.  Brush or blow concrete surfaces off on a weekly basis.  This will remove all kinds of debris and help prevent stains.
  2. Wash decorative concrete with garden hose or a power washer every month – use Dawn dish soap and a bristle brush to remove stubborn dirt, grease, oil, or mildew found in shady areas.
  3. Avoid using deicing salts which can damage sealants and really weaken the concrete.  Instead, try a broom for fine/dry snow, regular sand or good old fashioned shoveling.
  4. When stamped surfaces begin to dull or lose their sheen it’s time to re-seal.  Clean them really well (scrub, pressure wash) and recoat with a quality sealer – recommended every 2-3 years to avoid harmful build-up.  Remember, anything you leave on the surface will be “sealed” in, including dirt, stains and pine needles.  Make sure to thoroughly clean the area before applying any type of sealant.

Maintaining concrete surfaces can be messy and a bit tricky (with the sealants), but it can be done as a DIY homeowner project!  Give it a shot and remember, you can always call Custom Concrete Contracting if you decide you need extra help along the way.