Did you know that concrete can be both functional and fashionable?  It can be colored, stained, stamped, framed, molded, and more!  In this article we’d like to share some concrete inspiration with you via projects completed by concrete contractors across the country.

Decorative concrete entry way, aging in place, universal design entry

Let’s start with this example, featured on ConcreteIdeas.com, of a decorative concrete entry way that can be installed by our ACI certified concrete finishers in Bellingham, WA.  Note that the smooth, clean surface provides zero clearance access to this home, meaning people can walk or wheel right in.  This is a feature that is helpful to all ages and abilities.  The pattern is timeless and classic so it will be appreciated for many years to come.

Next up is a cool wooden stamped patio that was featured on ApartmentTherapy.com.  We think this “wood floor” look would be great around many local homes, barns and garages.  What do you think?  Would you even consider adding a stamped concrete floor like this inside your home?

Stamped concrete that looks like wood planks, decorative stamped concrete

Stamped, decorative concrete can be used to jazz up any hardscape project.  This example, featured on ConcreteIdeas.com, shows how color and texture were used to add visual interest to a standard patio.  Note how the patio and path have been edged with the same terra cotta color used in the round insert.  That small detail ties the design all together.

Decorative patio spaces - stamped and stained concrete

On a larger scale, here is an interesting detail that can be added to a stamped concrete driveway.  This project includes additional score lines that are used to create a grid pattern; the driveway also has a “band” detail that helps draw your eyes to the front of the house. Sample from Concretenetwork.com.

Stamped concrete driveway, decorative concrete for Northwest Washington driveways

At Custom Concrete Contracting, we believe creating high quality concrete projects, like the samples shown above, take time and serious attention to detail.  Our concrete finishers know exactly what it takes to build decorative and long-lasting patios, paths, driveways, retaining walls – that’s why owner Dave Johnson can confidently guarantee the finished project will be exactly what his customers expect.

Contact Dave today to learn more about adding decorative concrete surfaces to your Bellingham or Whatcom County property.